You can make
a difference


With a small financial contribution (less than one coffee per week) you can aready make a difference in a life.

One of the following supporting-projects can be realized in one year.

With 20 franks once a month
you enable the production of one floorball-goal.

With 50 franks once a month
can a regulary floorball-practise (beginner) be realized.
Price Basic-set Fr. 600.-

With 100 franks once a month
can a already going floorball-project be supportet by a "Pro-Set".
Price Pro-set Fr. 1000.-

With 150 franks once a month
you enable a youth worker in Nepal, Romania or Brazil a part appointing in the enduring organization of a floorball projct.

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Raiffeisenbank Thunersee-Süd
3700 Spiez
IBAN: CH34 8083 8000 0091 6410 4

Free of tax

Our association is charitably acknowledged and your donations are tax free in switzerland.

How do we finance ourselves

Our expendures are covered with donations, mebmership and benefactor contributions, gifts, sponsorings, legacies and other voltuna.


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