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Philippines, Asia


Philippines, Asia

Steffi Weible und Luki dared to do the „adventure Manila“. Their goal was to reach street children with floorball. They lived in a home where street children are placed and had a training with them in the morning. They went to the Drop-in Center in the afternoon, a place for children who live on the streets. A 10-day trainingscamp was held on a public place with over 100 children, wich attracted a great audience as well. Since the leader of the project returned back to germany we are now looking for new partners.
In 2013, Joe Hartmann (HC Rychenberg Winterthur) went to the Philippnes but couldn’t do anything due to strong rain and severe weather. That’s why we are still waiting for a restart of floorball in this region.
Phase1: Sowing of the floorball-virus Start2007, 2013 LocationsCébu, Mnila
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