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Mozambique, Africa


Mozambique, Africa

Mirjam Flückiger got in touch with floorball4all in July 2007 because she was planning to go to Mozambique and wanted the sport to be part of her work with children. After a talk with the leader of floorball4all she got a basic floorball set and went to Lichiga in the north of Mozambique in autumn 2007, where she played with children and teenagers. They liked floorball very much. When Mirjam returned in 2008 she left a „floorball-virus“, two teams and some higly motivated trainers. As a result we have lots of requests of the „Mozambiki“ if we could help them to develop floorball. They continued training with a dozen teams. This is just amazing for african circumstances.
We decided to do another mission in Lichinga in autumn 2010, wich was a great success.
We are constantly checking the options for another mission. Unfortunately some of our most important contact persons moved to Maputo (the capital of Mozambique) to study. We don’t know yet, when we can start the next mission, but we believe that it is possible.
Phase2: concentration, consolidation, spread of the floorball virus Start2007 Team missions2010 LocationsLichinga, Maputo
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