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How we work

Our main aim is to biuld up sustainable projects, where local people can rapidly take over responsibility. We do not want to encourage dependence upon us or our support.

The success of our work depends on the following four building blocks:

Building block 1:
trustworthy partners

The success of the projects depends on the local partners. That is why they are so important for us. We know all our local partners personally and keep track of how our support is being used.

Building block 2:
competent training

In one-week training courses we train local youth workers to use floorball as a prevention tool in their youth work. The training of coaches and referees is most important to us.

Building block 3:
suitable equipment

To start a floorball project, we need suitable equipment. We start with a simple and robust "Basis-Set" and try, here too, to steadilybuild up to a "Winner-Set".

Building block 4:
coaching of trained coaches

Even during the outreaches, we train the local coaches in managing their projects. Back home we keep in touch with them, counselling and motivating them. Often we go back repeatedly to the same locations, encouraging and holding further courses.



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